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Welcome to a secure marketplace exclusively designed for CISOs, offering a handpicked range of information security solutions for comprehensive defense and peace of mind.

Amid the constantly changing landscape of cybersecurity, where CISOs are perpetually fending off hacker attacks, insider threats, and navigating through DDoS defenses, penetration tests and compliance audits, this sanctuary now stands.

New Arrivals

The CISO marketplace continually broadens its range of services catering to CISOs and all professionals in the security industry, including education, products, and services such as Penetration Tests or compliance assessments.

Services for CISOs

Are you overwhelmed by countless product offers and discounts from account managers and sales engineers?

The real hurdle for CISOs is not only finding solutions, but also understanding the specific risks their organization faces.

Get a complete view of risk and take a proactive approach to secure your infrastructure with our exclusive membership benefits.

CISO Marketplace Membership

Unbelievable Deals

As we fast approach the first quarter of 2024, we’re preparing to provide special offers on vCISO external services. These discounts will encompass a variety of services, such as External Vulnerability Assessments, Domains OSINT Assessments, Executive OSINT Assessments, and many more.

10% off

On Executive Privacy Assessments

Starting from $100

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20% off

On On External OSINT Services Accessories

Starting from $100

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