11 – 2023 Cybersecurity Breaches

Cybersecurity Breaches Overview

Federal Aviation, United States2023The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) of the United States experienced a significant cyberattack. The breach disrupted air traffic control systems, causing delays and cancellations of flights across the country. The attack was attributed to the ‘LockBit’ ransomware group, which demanded a ransom in exchange for the decryption key. The FAA worked diligently to restore systems and ensure the safety of air travel.
Royal Mail, UKJanuary 2023Royal Mail, the UK’s postal service, was hit by a significant cyber-attack. The attack disrupted the international shipping of parcels and letters. The culprits were identified as the LockBit ransomware gang. They demanded a substantial ransom payment. The attack had a prolonged impact, with Royal Mail’s export services being down for several weeks. Royal Mail refused to pay an $80 million (£67 million) ransom.
Snatch Ransomware Attacks2023Snatch threat actors targeted critical infrastructure sectors. These actors conducted ransomware operations that involved data exfiltration and double extortion. The FBI and CISA issued warnings about ongoing Snatch ransomware attacks.
City of DallasMay 2023The City of Dallas was hit by a ransomware attack by the hacker group ‘Royal’. Over 27,000 victims were identified. The ransomware attack cost the city millions. The city confirmed that an unauthorized third party had downloaded city data during the attack.
TissuPath AustraliaSeptember 2023TissuPath, an Australian pathology business, suffered a significant data breach. The breach compromised a decade’s worth of patient data. The ALPHV ransomware gang was identified as the culprits behind the attack. They leaked over 700,000 files, including detailed patient records, on the dark web.
Hive Ransomware Attacks2023Hive ransomware group targeted various healthcare organizations. The FBI took action to dismantle the Hive ransomware. The Hive gang operated using a ransomware-as-a-service (RaaS) model. In one case, a hospital attacked by Hive ransomware had to resort to analog methods to treat patients.
Johnson ControlsSeptember 2023Johnson Controls International was hit by a ‘severe’ cyberattack. The ransomware group involved in the attack demanded $51 million from Johnson Controls. The attack raised concerns about physical security, especially at the Department of Homeland Security.
MAPFRE InsuranceJuly 2023An unknown party gained unauthorized access to certain consumer information via MAPFRE’s Massachusetts online quoting system. The breach impacted 266,142 customers. The breach even affected individuals who had never been customers of MAPFRE. The company is now under scrutiny for the data breach.
Major U.S. Hospital Cyberattack2023Sixteen hospitals and over a hundred other medical facilities across the United States went offline due to a major cyberattack. The exact details of the breach are not specified, but the attack disrupted the operations of numerous medical facilities.
MGM Resorts2023The data breach that MGM Resorts referred to as a cyberattack is expected to cost the casino giant more than $100 million. The specifics of the breach, including the extent of the data compromised and the ransomware group responsible, are not detailed in the search results. However, the financial impact on MGM Resorts is significant.
Clorox2023Clorox faced a cyberattack that had a significant impact on its operations. The breach was linked to the ‘Scattered Spider’ group, which was also tied to recent attacks on MGM and Caesars. As a result of the attack, Clorox announced that it reduced sales and profit. Additionally, Clorox’s production sites were affected by the cyberattack in August, but they have since been restored.

Dive deep into the most significant cybersecurity breaches that shook the world in 2023. From the FAA’s disruption affecting flights to MGM Resorts’ massive financial loss, we cover it all. This video provides a comprehensive breakdown of each breach, its impact, and the culprits behind them. Stay informed and protect yourself from future threats.

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