2023 CISO Marketplace Business Wrap Up and Growth

Introduction: As we bid farewell to 2023, it’s time to look back at the milestones we’ve achieved and the challenges we’ve navigated. At CISO Marketplace, the past six months have been a whirlwind of growth, learning, and resilience, especially in our digital presence and cybersecurity efforts.

Social Media Growth: Our Digital Footprint Expands

YouTube TikTok: Captivating Visual Stories



Watch Time and Views: A Testament to Engaging Content

  • Impressive Watch Hours: Since September 1st, 2023, our YouTube channel has accumulated a remarkable 492 hours of watch time, with 465 of those hours in the last 90 days leading up to January 4, 2024. This is a clear indicator of our content’s growing appeal and the increasing time viewers are spending with our videos.
  • Views Skyrocketing: Our channel has seen an outstanding 149,000 views since its inception. This surge in viewership is a testament to the relevance and engaging nature of our content.

Subscriber Growth and Global Reach:

  • Starting Strong: We began our journey with a humble 139 subscribers, and have since expanded our reach across many countries. Our primary audience hails from the USA, constituting 70% of our viewership, followed by the UK (4%), Canada, India, Australia, and Malaysia, each contributing 2%.
  • Diverse Age Demographics: Our content resonates with a wide range of age groups, particularly with those aged 25-44, who make up 50% of our traffic.
  • Gender Distribution: Our viewers are predominantly male, making up 87% of our audience, highlighting an opportunity for us to explore content that might appeal to a more diverse viewer base.

Top Content and Engagement:

  • Shorts Success: Some of our top-performing content includes YouTube shorts, each garnering between 6,000 to 10,000 views. These bite-sized videos have proven to be a hit among our audience, offering quick, engaging insights.
  • Volume of Content: Since September, we’ve uploaded an impressive 357 videos, showcasing our commitment to providing regular, quality content.
  • Likes and Interaction: Overall, our videos have received 1,200 likes, indicating strong viewer engagement and appreciation for our content.

Monetization Goals:

  • Future Aspirations: While we haven’t yet reached the milestones necessary for setting up a YouTube shop due to our current views and subscriber count, we remain optimistic about our future growth. Our journey so far has been filled with learning, and we’re excited about the potential to unlock new levels of success on the platform.

Conclusion: Our YouTube channel’s journey in 2023 has been nothing short of remarkable. We’ve connected with audiences globally, shared valuable content, and built a community of dedicated viewers. As we move forward, we aim to diversify our content, reach broader demographics, and continue growing our channel. Here’s to a promising 2024 on YouTube!


wraps up an eventful year on TikTok, we take a moment to reflect on our journey, celebrate our achievements, and learn from our challenges. From engaging with a diverse audience to navigating platform restrictions, our experience on TikTok has been a rollercoaster of growth, learning, and adaptation.

Follower Growth and Engagement:

  • Building a Community: Our TikTok family has grown to 965 followers, and we’ve amassed 11,400 likes while following 1,200 accounts. This engagement level signifies our active participation in the TikTok community.
  • TikTok Shop: Despite limited capital for advertising, we’ve successfully uploaded our entire range of CISO Marketplace swag, encompassing 100 products, to our TikTok shop. Sales have been modest, with only 3 successful transactions, highlighting an area for future growth and marketing strategies.

Audience Reach and Engagement Fluctuations:

  • Recent Reach: In the last 12 weeks from December 23rd, we reached 78,000 audiences, a notable decrease of 61,000 compared to the previous 12 weeks. Our engaged audience for the last 12 weeks stood at 2,700, which was 5,000 less than the preceding period.
  • Demographic Insights: Our primary audience falls within the 18-44 age range, accounting for 90% of our viewership, with males representing 61%.
  • Global Reach: Our content resonates across borders, with 27% of our viewership coming from the USA and 10% from Indonesia. Nigeria, the UK, and Pakistan each contribute around 5% of our traffic.

Content Highlights and Challenges:

  • Top Performing Content: Our most popular video garnered impressive attention with 89,000 views and 6,000 likes, followed by another significant hit with 16,500 views and 114 likes. These successes among our 357 videos uploaded, mainly focusing on the cyber war, demonstrate the impact of our content.
  • Platform Challenges: We’ve faced hurdles with TikTok’s content policies, particularly around the 2020 elections content, resulting in several videos being banned. However, our persistence paid off with 15 successful appeals to overturn initial bans, showcasing our commitment to bringing forth crucial discussions on the cyber war.

Viewership and Profile Engagement:

  • Viewership Trends: In the last 12 weeks, we received 158,000 views, which marked a 10% decrease. Our audience reach also saw a 44% decline, with 78,000 viewers. Profile views dropped by 33% to 1,211, indicating a need to revisit our content and engagement strategies to recapture and expand our audience.

Conclusion: 2023 on TikTok has been a year of significant learning for CISO Marketplace. Despite facing content restrictions and fluctuations in engagement, our journey has been enriching, driving us to innovate and adapt. As we step into the new year, we are excited to refine our approach, expand our reach, and continue engaging with our growing community on this dynamic platform.

Twitter Linkedin: Engaging in Micro-Moments


Strategic Engagement and Focused Content:

  • Intelligence Platform: Our approach to Twitter has been unique — treating it as a live feed for intelligence gathering. This has allowed us to stay ahead in the cybersecurity domain, engaging with timely and relevant information.
  • Key Interactions: We’ve actively interacted with a wide range of accounts, gaining insights and sharing knowledge, thereby positioning ourselves as a proactive participant in cybersecurity discussions.

Metrics and Growth:

  • Impressions and Reach: Over the last three months, our Twitter account has consistently seen around 5,000 impressions per month. This steady engagement indicates our content’s relevance and reach within the cybersecurity community.
  • Follower Insights: Our follower base, while modest at 117, is significantly qualitative. Out of these, 15 followers are identified as real individuals rather than bots, suggesting a focused and niche audience that values our contributions.

Content and Posting Strategy:

  • Volume of Posts: Since April 2023, we have published approximately 620 posts. This volume showcases our commitment to providing regular, insightful content to our audience.
  • Automation and Partner Content: While we aim to fully automate the integration of blog posts from our CISO marketplace partners, this is an area still in progress. Once achieved, this automation will enhance our content offering and ensure a seamless flow of information.

Looking Ahead: As we continue to grow our presence on Twitter, our focus remains on enhancing real-time intelligence sharing and expanding our network of engaged followers. We’re exploring ways to further automate content sharing and increase our interactions with key players in the cybersecurity field.



Organic Growth and Engagement:

  • Steady Growth: Since its inception in September, our CISO Marketplace LinkedIn profile has organically grown to 50 followers. This growth is a testament to the quality and relevance of our content in the cybersecurity space.
  • Page Engagement: With 215 page views and 148 reactions to our posts, it’s clear that our content resonates with our audience, driving meaningful engagement.
  • Impressions: The profile has successfully generated around 3,700 organic page impressions, showcasing the reach and impact of our postings.

Personal LinkedIn Account Revival:

  • Comeback Story: Our personal LinkedIn account, inactive for three years, made a comeback in October 2023, just a few months after the launch of CISO Marketplace in June 2023. Despite the hiatus, our personal profile, originally started in 2012, has been instrumental in directing attention to our company page.
  • Expanding Network: The personal account boasts 3,800 connections, a strong network that has been pivotal in organically promoting CISO Marketplace content. Since reactivating the account, we’ve seen 774 profile views in the last six months, indicating a renewed interest in our professional activities.
  • Impressive Post Impressions: The last 90 days have been remarkable with nearly 20,000 post impressions on our personal LinkedIn profile, an astonishing 51,000% increase since our return. This remarkable growth highlights the efficacy of our content strategy and our deepened engagement with the LinkedIn community.
  • Network Growth: Our connection base has grown by 31% in the last 90 days, now standing at 3,725. This increase, along with our first post in October 2023, signifies our renewed commitment to engaging with the professional community on LinkedIn.

Engagement Insights:

  • Conversion to Engagement: Out of the 20,000 post impressions, we garnered 161 post engagements, predominantly featuring CISO Marketplace information. While the engagement rate is a fraction of the impressions, it underscores the potential for further optimizing our content strategy to boost interaction.

Conclusion: Our journey on LinkedIn, both through the CISO Marketplace company profile and our personal account, has been a story of organic growth, re-engagement, and network expansion. As we continue to build our presence on this platform, we aim to deepen our connections, share insightful content, and establish the CISO Marketplace as a thought leader in the cybersecurity domain. Join us on LinkedIn to be a part of our growing professional community.

2023 Digital Presence Summary

YouTube Summary (Sep 1, 2023 – Dec 31, 2023)

  • Watch Time: 492 hours (465 in the last 90 days)
  • Views: 149,000 since September 1st
  • Subscribers: Started at 139; predominantly in the USA (70%), followed by the UK (4%), Canada, India, Australia, Malaysia (2% each)
  • Demographics: Ages 25-44 (50% of traffic), 87% male audience
  • Top Content: YouTube shorts with 6,000 – 10,000 views each
  • Total Videos Uploaded: 357
  • Total Likes: 1,200

TikTok Summary (Sep 1, 2023 – Dec 31, 2023)

  • Followers: 965
  • Likes: 11,400
  • Following: 1,200 accounts
  • TikTok Shop Sales: 3 sales with 100 products listed
  • Audience Reach: 78,000 in last 12 weeks (61,000 decrease from previous 12 weeks)
  • Engaged Audience: 2,700 in last 12 weeks (5,000 decrease)
  • Demographics: Ages 18-44 (90% of viewership), 61% male audience
  • Geographic Spread: 27% USA, 10% Indonesia, around 5% each from Nigeria, UK, Pakistan
  • Top Video: 89,000 views, 6,000 likes
  • Total Videos Uploaded: 357 focusing on cyber war
  • Post Impressions: 158,000 views (10% down), 78,000 audience (44% down), 1,211 profile views (33% down) in last 12 weeks

LinkedIn Summary (Sep 1, 2023 – Dec 31, 2023)

  • Followers: 50 (CISO Marketplace)
  • Page Views: 215
  • Reactions: 148 to postings
  • Organic Page Impressions: 3,700
  • Personal Profile: 774 profile views since reactivation, 3,725 connections (31% increase in 90 days)
  • Post Impressions: 20,000 in last 90 days (51,000% increase)
  • Post Engagements: 161 (mostly CISO Marketplace info)

Twitter Summary (Sep 1, 2023 – Dec 31, 2023)

  • Usage: Utilized as an intelligence platform for OSINT feeds, vuln accounts, companies, military, Five Eyes, and bug bounty hackers
  • Impressions: ~5,000 per month
  • Followers: 117 (15 real people vs. bots)
  • Total Posts: 620 since April 2023

Key Observations:

  1. YouTube: Strong growth in viewership and engagement, particularly with younger male demographics.
  2. TikTok: Significant reach and audience interaction, though with a recent decrease in engagement.
  3. LinkedIn: Steady growth of the CISO Marketplace profile and impressive re-engagement on the personal profile.
  4. Twitter: Consistent impressions and a focused approach to cybersecurity intelligence gathering.

Web Traffic and Security: Navigating the Digital Highways

Cloudflare Insights: Guarding Our Digital Gates

Over the past six months, we’ve fortified our online presence across our ecosystem of 11 websites, with a special focus on the CISO Marketplace. Leveraging Cloudflare’s robust Web Application Firewall (WAF), we have effectively countered a myriad of cyber threats, ensuring the security and efficiency of our digital infrastructure.

Global Reach and Traffic Overview:

  • International Footprint: Our websites have attracted attention from 101 countries in the last 30 days, reflecting our global appeal and reach.
  • Impressive Traffic: We’ve handled half a million requests, with a total bandwidth usage of 12GB across 84,000 visits, amounting to about 117,000 page views across our ecosystem.
  • Filtered Engagement: Excluding bot traffic, we’ve recorded approximately 1,000 page views that reached our server hosting. The top countries accessing our sites include the USA, Canada, France, Switzerland, the UK, Indonesia, Russia, the Philippines, and Australia.

CISO Marketplace: A Target for Cyber Attacks:

  • Visitor Insights: The CISO Marketplace has seen a significant influx of 9,500 unique visitors, with a total of 380,000 requests in the last 30 days.
  • Cache Optimization: We’ve achieved a 71% cache rate, a strategic effort to enhance the speed and performance of our marketplace.
  • WAF Protection: Our vigilant application of WAF has been crucial in thwarting 900 blocked attempts targeting the CISO Marketplace in the past month. The primary sources of these attacks have been the Netherlands, followed by the USA, Russia, Canada, and the UK.

Bot Traffic and Search Engine Crawls:

  • Bot Activity: A considerable portion of our website traffic comprises bot activities, primarily from search engines indexing our site. Key bots include Google, Yandex, Applebot, Twitter, and LinkedInbot.
  • Page Crawls: Approximately 12,000 pages have been crawled by these bots, indicating a growing interest and visibility in search engine realms.

Conclusion: The last 30 days have been a testament to our resilience in the face of cyber threats and our commitment to providing a safe, fast, and user-friendly digital experience. As we continue to grow and expand our digital footprint, we remain vigilant and proactive in enhancing our cybersecurity measures to safeguard our ecosystem against evolving threats.


stop attacking our infrastructure! like wtf, you flooded my emails is all you did and we banned 400 IP addresses. fawk off! came from United States, Serbia, India, Brazil, UK.. #cyberattack #cyberwar

♬ original sound – CISOMarketplace

Bruv’s stop trying to hack my stuff, we are going on day 3 #ciso #infosec #hacking

♬ original sound – CISOMarketplace

Website Analytics: Understanding Our Visitors

Overall Web Traffic and User Engagement:

  • Total Visits: We’ve recorded 3,700 visits across our 11 sites.
  • Website Actions: There have been 25,000 website actions, with visitors spending an average of 4 minutes and 30 seconds per session.
  • Entry Points: Direct entries accounted for 2,400 visits, with 868 coming from search engines and 76 via social media networks.

Site-Specific Traffic Analysis:

  • Top 5 Websites:
    • CISO Marketplace: 1,250 visits
    • Compliance Hub: 515 visits
    • My Privacy Blog: 350 visits
    • Hacker Noob Tips: 315 visits
    • Breached Company: 224 visits

Operating Systems and Browser Preferences:

  • Operating Systems:
    • Windows 10: 1,000 visits
    • Linux 5.15: 280 visits
    • Windows 11: 248 visits
    • Windows 7: 228 visits
    • Mac 10.15: 217 visits
    • Android 11: 194 visits
  • Browsers:
    • Chrome: 1,400 visits
    • Brave: 533 visits
    • Microsoft Edge: 326 visits
    • Chrome Mobile: 276 visits
    • Headless Chrome: 238 visits
    • Mobile Safari: 211 visits
    • Firefox: 138 visits
    • Yandex Browser: 105 visits
    • TikTok: 69 visits

Device Insights:

  • Brand Breakdown:
    • Unknown: 2,400 devices
    • Apple: 743 devices
    • Motorola: 128 devices
    • Samsung: 82 devices
    • Google: 77 devices
  • Device Types:
    • Desktops: 2,600
    • Smartphones: 1,000
    • Tablets: 19
    • Phablets: 10

Device Models and Geographical Spread:

  • Device Models:
    • Generic Desktops: 2,300
    • Apple iPhone: 400
    • Motorola Moto G Power 2022: 125
    • Google Pixel 2: 70
    • Apple iPad: 12
  • Geographical Reach:
    • North America: 2,100 visits
    • Europe: 700 visits
    • Asia: 544 visits
    • Africa: 170 visits
    • Oceania: 110 visits
    • South America: 25 visits
  • Country-Specific Visits:
    • USA: 2,000
    • Russia: 217
    • India: 150
    • China: 146
    • UK: 100

Search Engine and Social Media Referrals:

  • Search Engines:
    • Google: 300 referrals
    • Bing: 225 referrals
    • Yandex: 141 referrals
    • DuckDuckGo: 90 referrals
    • Baidu: 70 referrals
    • Yahoo: 30 referrals
    • Facebook: 15 referrals
    • Ecosia: 10 referrals
    • Yahoo Japan: 10 referrals

Conclusion: The data gleaned from Matomo analytics paints a detailed picture of our web traffic across the 11 websites in our ecosystem. Understanding these patterns helps us tailor our content, improve user experience, and strategize for future growth. As we continue to evolve in the digital space, these insights will be invaluable in guiding our path forward.

Cloudflare and Website Analytics Overview (2023) – 6 Months

Cloudflare Statistics:

  • Global Reach:
    • Visitors from 101 countries in the last 30 days.
  • Web Requests:
    • 500,000 requests with a bandwidth usage of 12GB.
  • Site Visits:
    • 84,000 visits resulting in approximately 117,000 page views.
  • Filtered Web Traffic:
    • Excluding bots, around 1,000 page views reached our server hosting.
  • Unique Visitor Insights:
    • CISO Marketplace: 9,500 unique visitors with 380,000 total requests.
    • Cache Rate: 71% (to enhance website speed).
  • Security Incidents:
    • 900 blocked attempts against the WAF on CISO Marketplace in the last 30 days.
    • Primary attack sources: Netherlands, USA, Russia, Canada, and the UK.

Matomo Website Analytics:

  • Total Visits Across 11 Sites:
    • 3,700 visits with 25,000 website actions.
    • Average session duration: 4 minutes and 30 seconds.
  • Entry Points:
    • Direct Entry: 2,400 visits.
    • Search Engines: 868 visits.
    • Social Media Networks: 76 visits.
  • Top Performing Sites:
    • CISO Marketplace: 1,250 visits.
    • Compliance Hub: 515 visits.
    • My Privacy Blog: 350 visits.
    • Hacker Noob Tips: 315 visits.
    • Breached Company: 224 visits.
  • Operating Systems Accessed:
    • Windows 10, Linux 5.15, Windows 11, Windows 7, Mac 10.15, Android 11.
  • Browsers Used:
    • Chrome, Brave, Microsoft Edge, Chrome Mobile, Headless Chrome, Mobile Safari, Firefox.
  • Device Insights:
    • Device Types: Desktop (2,600), Smartphone (1,000), Tablet (19), Phablet (10).
    • Device Brands: Apple, Motorola, Samsung, Google, Huawei.
  • Geographical Reach:
    • North America: 2,100 visits.
    • Europe: 700 visits.
    • Asia: 544 visits.
    • Africa: 170 visits.
    • Oceania: 110 visits.
    • South America: 25 visits.
  • Search Engine & Social Media Referrals:
    • Google, Bing, Yandex, DuckDuckGo, Baidu, Yahoo, Facebook, Ecosia.

Key Takeaways:

  • Security Vigilance: Cloudflare’s WAF effectively managed significant security threats, particularly against the CISO Marketplace.
  • Global Audience: Diverse visitor demographics with significant reach in North America and notable traffic from Europe and Asia.
  • User Engagement: High engagement across websites, with the CISO Marketplace leading in visits and user interactions.
  • Tech Diversity: Visitors accessed sites using a wide range of operating systems and browsers, indicating broad compatibility of the websites.
  • Growth Opportunities: While direct entry is the main traffic source, there’s potential for growth via search engines and social media referrals.

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