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The CISO marketplace was born out of the COVID-19 pandemic when an attempt to create a Software as a Service (SaaS) enterprise focusing on information security fell through. The initial idea was to revolutionize the information security sector by creating a digital reporting platform for streamlined penetration testing and risk assessment reporting. Penetration testing, a key part of information security that assesses system security by simulating attacks, was one area the SaaS company hoped to simplify and speed up to improve security operations’ efficiency and effectiveness. Risk assessment reporting, another crucial component of information security, was also a focus. The plan was to create a digital platform to organize, analyze, and present risk assessment data, providing businesses with vital insights. However, this venture was unsuccessful. The hurdles faced in setting up the SaaS company led to a strategic shift, resulting in the creation of the CISO marketplace. This platform allows Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) and other security professionals to connect, collaborate, and exchange services. The marketplace offers numerous opportunities for these professionals to learn, develop, and contribute to the constantly advancing field of information security.

How To Use

Visit our “How to Use” page for a thorough understanding of which membership suits your company best, our methods for conducting each assessment, sample reports, and contact information.


Our team consists solely of full-time sales engineers who are adept at selling and scoping assessments to ensure successful partnerships, as we do not employ any outbound sales or account executives. We deliberately keep our marketing minimal to prevent adversaries from discovering our clientele. Additionally, we meticulously cleanse all client data to provide the highest level of safety as an MSSP.


Our company’s growth and development are rooted in our commitment to prioritizing our customers’ data privacy. For this reason, we refrain from advertising our customers’ logos on our website or sales materials. We offer our CISO with memberships a referral option which also allows each of the CISOs to save on their monthly membership as we grow our platform.


Start the process by signing up as a CISO on our marketplace. This allows you to recruit hourly or project-based security engineers for any required information security tasks. The marketplace provides sample reports and project management facets of each product’s Statement of Work (SoW). By registering as a CISO, you consent to our Master Service Agreement, which allows you to utilize microservices through your profile. Once your company affiliation has been confirmed, you’re able to buy risk assessments or penetration tests as part of the scope of work acceptance.


Our engineers each boast over ten years of experience in the field of information security consulting, conducting evaluations for some of America’s largest companies. They specialize in areas such as HIPAA Risk assessments, social engineering, web application penetration testing, and compliance assessments, among others. You can view their resumes on their profiles after filling out the CISO registration form. Our team also has experience from the US Marine Cyber Auxiliary program and the FBI Infragard program, both of which focus on staying updated about the latest threats. We’ve serviced businesses of all sizes, from Fortune 500 companies to small family-owned businesses, always endeavoring to stay ahead of potential threats and effectively safeguard our clients’ intellectual property from theft.

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