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At CISO Marketplace, we blend expertise, experience, and a deep understanding of various industries to provide top-notch cybersecurity services. Our commitment to safeguarding our clients’ digital assets has led us to serve over 385 clients across multiple sectors.

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Why Choose CISO Marketplace?

  • Diverse Industry Expertise: From energy to healthcare, finance to hospitality, our experience spans across crucial sectors.
  • Tailored Cybersecurity Solutions: Customized services to meet your unique needs and challenges.
  • Compliance Mastery: Our expertise in various compliance standards ensures your organization remains ahead of regulatory requirements.

Industries We Excel In:

  • Energy and Power
  • Healthcare Technology
  • Big Tech Analytics
  • Critical Infrastructure
  • Legal Firms
  • Financial Institutions
  • Entertainment and Leisure
  • Retail
  • And More

Our Suite of Cybersecurity Services:

  1. Risk Assessments and Compliance
    • HIPAA, FFIEC, PCI, SOC, and more.
    • Identify vulnerabilities and ensure compliance.
  2. Advanced Testing Services
    • Internal and external penetration testing.
    • Executive and IoT product risk assessments.
  3. Social Engineering Defense
    • Comprehensive strategies against physical and digital social engineering threats.
  4. DevSecOps Integration
    • Embed security seamlessly into your development lifecycle.
  5. Information Security Program Development
    • Build a robust, scalable security framework tailored to your organization.





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Meeting Compliance Standards with Ease:

  • HIPAA for healthcare data protection.
  • NERC CIP for energy sector security.
  • PCI DSS for secure payment processing.
  • And many more.

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Our clients range from hospitals and banks to power plants and tech giants. Each has benefitted from our bespoke approach to cybersecurity, ensuring not just security but also compliance and peace of mind.

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