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Our CISO Marketplace Memberships serve as an advisory platform for our new partnerships. We provide an assortment of AI techniques to expand your team or aid in drafting your compliance policies. As a member, you will have access to customized Scopes of Works for CISO Assessments such as Social Engineering, Penetration Testing, Web Application Assessments, and more, in addition to Compliance as a Service products. Membership benefits also include discounts, exclusive access to our resource libraries containing thousands of documents, and special coupons for use within our CISO ecosystem.

per month Mandatory for purchases
  • Purchase Security Swag
  • Purchase Micro Courses
  • Purchase Gadgets
  • Purchase Memberships
  • Exclusive Partner Saving
    5% off Security Swag
    5% off Micro Courses
    5% off Gadgets
  • Reduced Ads
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per month Billed monthly,
no commitment
  • Everything in Team as
  • 5 Engineer Team
  • Only CISO Purchase
    vCISO Services
    Compliance Assessments
  • Engineer Discounts
    10% off Security Swag
    10% off Micro Courses
    10% off Gadgets
    5% off Bookcase
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