DevSecOps Engineer

A DevSecOps Engineer is responsible for integrating security practices into the software development lifecycle (SDLC), ensuring that applications are developed with security in mind from the outset. They work closely with software developers, security architects, and other stakeholders to promote a secure development culture and minimize security risks.Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Develop and implement security policies, procedures, and guidelines for the software development lifecycle.Collaborate with software developers to ensure security best practices are followed throughout the development process.Integrate security tools and processes into the CI/CD pipeline, automating security testing and vulnerability scanning.Identify, assess, and remediate security risks in the organization’s applications, working closely with security architects and other stakeholders.Promote a secure development culture, providing training and guidance to software developers on secure coding practices.Maintain knowledge of current and emerging threats, vulnerabilities, and best practices in secure software development.
  • Monitor and report on the progress of security initiatives within the software development lifecycle, providing updates to the CISO and other stakeholders.
  • Participate in security awareness training and initiatives, promoting a strong security culture within the organization.

Overall Goals:

  • Strengthen the organization’s security posture by integrating security practices into the software development lifecycle.Enhance the organization’s application security by ensuring secure coding practices are followed and security risks are identified and remediated.Support the organization’s overall cybersecurity strategy and risk management efforts by promoting a secure development culture.
  • Job Category: SDLC

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