Forensics Specialist

A Forensics Specialist is responsible for investigating cybersecurity incidents, analyzing digital evidence, and assisting in the identification, containment, and remediation of threats. They work closely with incident responders, security analysts, and other stakeholders to ensure a comprehensive approach to incident management and investigation.

Roles and Responsibilities:

  1. Conduct digital forensic investigations, analyzing digital evidence to identify the root cause of cybersecurity incidents and understand the scope of the attack.
  2. Assist in the identification, containment, and remediation of threats during incident response efforts.
  3. Develop and maintain standard operating procedures for digital forensics investigations, ensuring adherence to industry best practices and legal requirements.
  4. Collaborate with other cybersecurity professionals, law enforcement, and external partners as necessary during investigations.
  5. Maintain knowledge of current and emerging threats, forensic tools and techniques, and industry best practices in digital forensics.
  6. Document and report findings from investigations, providing actionable insights and recommendations to the CISO and other stakeholders.
  7. Participate in security awareness training and initiatives, promoting a strong security culture within the organization.

Overall Goals:

  1. Strengthen the organization’s incident response capabilities by conducting thorough digital forensics investigations.
  2. Enhance the organization’s security posture by providing actionable insights and recommendations based on forensic analysis.
  3. Support the organization’s overall cybersecurity strategy and risk management efforts.
Job Category: Security Operations Center

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