Physical Security Manager

A Physical Security Manager is responsible for ensuring the security of the organization’s physical assets, facilities, and personnel. This role involves developing and implementing physical security policies and procedures, managing security personnel and systems, and coordinating with other departments to maintain a secure environment.

Roles and Responsibilities:

  1. Develop and implement physical security policies and procedures to protect the organization’s assets, facilities, and personnel.
  2. Manage and oversee physical security personnel, systems, and infrastructure, including access control, surveillance, and alarm systems.
  3. Coordinate with other departments, such as HR, IT, and Facilities, to ensure a comprehensive approach to physical security.
  4. Conduct risk assessments and audits related to physical security, identifying potential threats and vulnerabilities and taking appropriate action to address them.
  5. Provide training and support to employees on physical security best practices and their responsibilities.
  6. Stay informed about current and emerging threats, vulnerabilities, and best practices related to physical security.
  7. Participate in security awareness training and initiatives related to physical security.

Overall Goals:

  1. Ensure the security of the organization’s physical assets, facilities, and personnel.
  2. Minimize security risks associated with physical security.
  3. Support the organization’s overall security posture and risk management efforts.
Job Category: Physical Security

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