Security Architects

The System Architect is responsible for designing the organization’s network and system infrastructure with security, performance, and scalability in mind. This role ensures that the organization’s IT infrastructure is built and maintained securely while supporting business requirements and growth.Roles and Responsibilities:

Design and develop network and system architectures that incorporate security best practices and meet the organization’s business requirements.Collaborate with IT and security teams to integrate security controls and tools into the organization’s network and system infrastructure.Evaluate and recommend security technologies and solutions that enhance the organization’s overall security posture and infrastructure resilience.Assist in the development and maintenance of security policies, procedures, and standards related to network and system architecture.Stay informed about current and emerging security threats, vulnerabilities, and technologies related to network and system infrastructure.Provide support in the event of security breaches and assist in incident response efforts.Participate in security awareness training and initiatives for employees.

Overall Goals:

  • Design and maintain a secure network and system infrastructure that supports the organization’s business requirements and growth.Protect the organization’s information systems and assets from security threats.Support the organization’s overall cybersecurity posture and risk management efforts.
  • These three roles within Security Architecture (Security Engineer, Security Architect, and Application Security Specialist) are crucial in designing and maintaining a secure IT infrastructure for the organization. They collaborate with other teams to ensure security is integrated into networks, systems, and applications from the ground up. Each role has specific responsibilities and goals but works together to create a comprehensive security framework that supports the organization’s business requirements and growth while minimizing security risks.

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