Asset Management Policy

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The provided template serves as a roadmap for an Asset Management Policy, specifically designed to monitor and manage IT assets from acquisition to disposal. It offers a structured approach to asset management, covering key areas such as procurement, usage, maintenance, and disposal. However, it’s crucial to tailor this template according to your organization’s unique needs and operational environment. This means adapting the policy to align with your specific business objectives, regulatory compliance requirements, and IT infrastructure. By doing so, you can ensure that the policy effectively supports your IT asset management goals while minimizing risks associated with asset mismanagement.

This questionnaire is specifically designed to aid in the creation and execution of a competent Asset Management Policy. It includes a range of questions that delve into various aspects of asset management such as asset acquisition, maintenance, utilization, and disposal. The questionnaire aims to identify potential gaps in the current asset management system and provide insights into areas that need improvement. It will serve as a valuable tool for organizations seeking to optimize their asset management practices, improve efficiency, reduce costs, and ultimately, enhance overall operational performance.


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