Network Essentials Desk Mat OSI TCP IP Ports and Services


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Introducing our all-in-one “Network Essentials Desk Mat,” a comprehensive and educational design that combines the OSI vs. TCP/IP comparison with a reference chart of Top Common Ports and Services. Elevate your workspace with this informative and practical desk mat, perfect for IT professionals, networking enthusiasts, and students.

Product Description:
Upgrade your workspace with our “Network Essentials Desk Mat,” a must-have for anyone delving into the world of networking. This desk mat features two essential components for network understanding: the OSI vs. TCP/IP comparison and a handy reference chart of Top Common Ports and Services.

Key Features:

OSI vs. TCP/IP Comparison: The desk mat presents a clear and concise comparison of the OSI (Open Systems Interconnection) and TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol) network models, simplifying the understanding of their layered architectures and functionalities.

Top Common Ports and Services Chart: Explore the essential ports and services used in networking with our convenient reference chart, providing quick access to vital information.

Premium Quality and Durability: Crafted with a high-quality, anti-slip rubber base and a smooth fabric surface, our desk mat ensures a comfortable and stable workspace for precise mouse movement.

Optimal Size: With generous dimensions, our desk mat offers ample space for smooth mouse navigation and comfortable use of your keyboard.

Versatile Use: Whether you’re studying, working on networking projects, or managing IT tasks, this desk mat serves as an invaluable resource and organizational tool.

Thoughtful Gift: Looking for a thoughtful and practical gift for IT professionals, networking students, or anyone with an interest in networking? This desk mat is an excellent choice that combines education and productivity.

Design: Features the “OSI vs. TCP/IP” comparison and a reference chart of “Top Common Ports and Services.”

Upgrade your workspace with our “Network Essentials Desk Mat.” Embrace the knowledge of networking models and easily access vital information on common ports and services, making your work efficient and informed.
Apart from looking cool, these desk mats keep surfaces free from scratches and stains. Great for making spaces more organized with minimal effort. These mats have a smooth surface and a non-slip base. They’re durable and will last long without fraying or pilling. Optical and laser mice are supported.
.: Materials: 100% polyester front; 100% natural rubber backing
.: One size: 31.5″ × 15.5″ (80cm × 39.4cm )
.: Supports optical and laser mice
.: Smooth surface
.: Anti-fray edges
.: Black non-slip base

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