Vendor Risk Assessment Questionnaire and Checklist Plus Ai Prompts

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Product Description: Ensure thorough due diligence with our comprehensive Vendor Risk Assessment Questionnaire and Checklist, meticulously designed to evaluate the security posture of your third-party vendors. This essential toolkit aids in identifying potential risks, ensuring compliance, and safeguarding your organization against third-party vulnerabilities.

Updated December 2023

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Key Features:

  • In-depth Inquiry: Over 25 targeted questions covering data security, privacy, compliance, and more.
  • Customizable Template: Easily tailored to address specific industry requirements or regulations.
  • Compliance Alignment: Questions aligned with GDPR, CCPA, ISO 27001, and other standards.
  • Expert-Crafted: Developed by experienced cybersecurity professionals.
  • User-Friendly Format: Available in editable document formats for easy distribution and response compilation.
  • Supports Due Diligence: Facilitates a thorough vetting process to make informed decisions.


  • Minimizes Risk: Identifies and mitigates third-party risks before they impact your business.
  • Saves Time: Streamlines the assessment process with a ready-to-use, structured format.
  • Enhances Security Posture: Elevates your cybersecurity strategy by incorporating vendor risk management.
  • Demonstrates Compliance: Supports adherence to regulatory requirements for vendor assessment.

Ideal for:

  • CISOs and security teams conducting vendor evaluations.
  • Compliance officers ensuring third-party alignment with security standards.
  • Procurement departments during the vendor selection process.

Support and Updates: Continuous updates provided to reflect the latest in compliance and security standards.


Third-Party Vendor Security Policy


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